Experienced management
We will provide support and fine-tuning for IT-security solutions
Highly qualified IT security engineers are valuable, but hiring an in-house specialist isn't always a wise choise.

If tasks requiring technical expertise and experience arise only occasionally, outsourcing is the best decision.
IT security outsourcing helps with
Effective operation of information security solutions
Information security systems are serviced by competent specialists, which ensures the correct settings and a minimum of failures during operation.
Optimization of human resources costs
There is no need to hire information security specialists or spend time training them.
Prompt response to emergency situations
The SLA terms guarantee prompt assistance in incident response or vulnerability remediation.

Security outsourcing advantages

Higher quality
The competitive market imposes its own rules. The quality of our services is second to none, which is why demand for our services grows every year.
Lower cost
Though the cost of third-party services is substantially higher than the salary of an in-house specialist, in the long run outsourcing is cheaper than having more employees than you need.
Higher speed
We have the resources of our own staff of engineers with experience in information security for more than 5 years, which allows us to quickly perform even complex tasks.
Easier management
When hiring us, you pay not so much for time, but rather for efficient solutions and high-quality services. You set an objective and the rest is our job.
Case #1

Integration and support of NGFW solutions

A large retail company sought to Acribia to integrate an NGFW solution. After integration, tasks began to arise related to maintaining the system settings to ensure continuous protection, maintaining the solution and diagnosing problems that arise.

After concluding a technical support agreement, the client was provided with access to the ticket system for convenient and quick registration of tasks and work planning, including at night.
Case #2

Fine-tuning of DLP system

A large insurance company sought Acribia’s assistance in fine-tuning their DLP system which by that time had already been purchased and implemented but did not produce the desired outcome.

Our action plan involved several small iterations, with each of them having a certain result and cost. The outsourcing agreement allowed us to perform tasks gradually in a way that was convenient for the client. During the first iteration, the DLP system was configured to detect as many incidents as possible but there also was a large number of false alerts. The data analysis uncovered many cases of security policy violations, misuse, malicious activity of employees and agents. During the following iterations, based on the findings of the analysis, we fine-tuned the DLP system in order to minimize the number of false alerts and for more accurate detection of incidents.
Case #3

Splunk SIEM implementation with data source connectivity

The bank set a goal to deploy a SIEM system based on Splunk, for which it turned to Acribia for help.

In the course of the work, the infrastructure of the SIEM system was fully prepared, after which many systems were configured to send logs to Splunk, including Active Directory, Exchange, Sharepoint, etc., as well as all available information protection tools. After the completion of the integration work, Aсribia's employees helped colleagues from the bank to draw up up-to-date correlation rules to identify anomalies in the infrastructure and set up alerts to responsible employees.

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