Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (also referred to as Policy) applies to all information which «Acribia. Research & Development», LLC and/or its affiliates, including companies in the same group (referred to as Acribia) can obtain about the User while he or she is visiting the website (referred to as the Website).

1. Personal information processed by Acribia

1.1. In this Privacy Policy User "personal information" means:

1.1.1. Personal information provided by the User when completing forms on the Website, when voluntarily subscribing to Acribia's newsletter and when sending messages to the administrator / moderator of the Website. Compulsory information to be provided by the User is marked in a special manner and may include name, phone number, email address.

1.1.2. Data automatically collected by Acribia by means of User's software while the User is visiting the Website, including but not limited to IP addresses, cookie data, information about the User's browser (or any other program which is used to access the Website), User's device and operating system type and settings, the date and time the User accessed the Website, the pages that the User accesses while at the Website and other similar information which does not contain User personal data and which is not used by Acribia with the purpose of identifying or distinguishing the User.

1.2. The Privacy Policy applies only to information which is processed while the User is visiting the Website. Acribia does not control and is not responsible for information processing by third-party websites that the User can visit by clicking links on Acribia's Website.

1.3. Acribia does not verify personal information provided by the User. When collecting and processing information, Acribia assumes that personal information provided by the User is true and sufficient for achieving the purpose of personal information processing.

1.4. This Policy does not apply to any other information not stated in 1.1. of the Policy (for example, business proposals, marketing or promotional information or other offers), as well as personal data submitted by the User on his own initiative without request to do so (for example, personal information provided in a free textbox).

1.5. By providing information not requested by Acribia, the User agrees that such data will be used at Acribia's discretion.

2. Purposes for which Acribia may process User information

2.1. Acribia collects and processes User personal information for the following purposes:

2.1.1. To administer subscription to the newsletter about products and services provided by Acribia and/or its Partners, about Website updates or any other information with regard to Acribia's business activity.

2.1.2. To provide information about Acribia's products and services at the User's request and to further communicate with the User for more detailed presentation of the offers.

2.1.3. To improve and optimize the use of the Website, as well as update the Website's layout and contents.

2.1.4. To carry out statistical analysis or conduct any other type of research based on personally non-identifiable data.

2.2. When providing personal information by completing forms on the Website, the User consents to its use and processing, including but not limited to Acribia's promotional purposes, i.e. promotion of its products and services, as well as products and services provided by Partners, by means of direct contact with the potential customer with the use of telecommunication tools (phone and/or email).

3. Terms of User personal information processing and disclosing it to third parties

3.1. User personal information is collected, stored, used and disclosed in compliance with the Federal Law of 27.07.2006 № 152-FZ , "The Russian Federal Law on Personal Data".

3.2. User personal information is not disclosed and transferred to third parties unless otherwise provided by the law of the Russian Federation.

3.3. Acribia is entitled to attract third parties that can provide certain services, which may require sharing all or part of User personal information. Such services may include but are not limited to the Website administration and sending promotional or any other information about Acribia's products, services or events.

3.4. Such third parties shall keep the information confidential and guarantee its security, and shall use the information they received solely with the purpose of performing specified actions or providing services.

3.5. In case Acribia uses personal information in order to promote products and services of its Partners, personal information is not transferred to such Partners.

4. Changing and deleting personal information

4.1. The User is entitled to opt out of receiving information from Acribia, withdraw his previously given consent to use his personal information, as well as exercise other rights under the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4.2. In this case User shall send Acribia a written request to unsubscribe him from the newsletter and information messages and/or withdraw his previously given consent to process his personal information. The request can be submitted to Acribia via postal mail at the address set out on the Website in the legal section.

4.3. User personal data is deleted from Acribia's customer base with 30 (thirty) days of receiving the User's request.

4.4. To change his personal information, the User can submit to Acribia a written request to change his personal information.

4.5. In order to opt-out from receiving email newsletter, the User can click the link at the bottom of every promotional email sent by Acribia. The User is immediately unsubscribed from the newsletter.

5. Personal data processing through Cookies and web analytics services

5.1. Cookies sent by Acribia to the User's equipment and by User's equipment, may be used by Acribia for statistical analysis or research, as well as ensuring the proper functioning of the Website and improving its design.

5.2. The User can change his browser settings to disable cookies or to get notifications when a cookie is being set, as well as delete previously received cookies. When blocking cookies, some features of the Website may not function properly.

5.3. Cookies structure, contents and technical features are determined by Acribia and can change without prior notice.

5.4. Web analytics services used by Acribia on the Website can be used for analyzing User's cookies, collecting and processing statistical information regarding Website use, as well as proper functioning of the Website on the whole and its particular features. Technical features of the web analytics services are set by Acribia and can change without prior notice.

6. Measures taken to protect User personal information

Acribia takes all necessary organizational and technical measures to protect User personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as other misuse by third parties.

7. Changes to this Policy

Acribia may change this Privacy Policy. When making changes to the Policy, Acribia indicates the date the last changes were published. The updated Privacy Policy becomes effective when the revised Policy is posted on the website, unless the updated Policy states otherwise. The most up-to-date Policy is available on the Website in the legal section.

8. Copyright policy

8.1. All rights in the Website and all materials on the Website are reserved by Acribia. Acribia owns the copyright and all other rights in the material on the Website, or Acribia is licensed to use such materials with the purpose of publishing them on the Website.

8.2. When copying, reproducing, modifying, publishing, uploading, transmitting or distributing parts of the Website you shall indicate the source of the information: .

9. Contacting us

The User can send any offers or questions regarding this Privacy Policy and/or the Website in any convenient way. Contact information is given on the Website in the Contact us section.