Confronting a smart adversary
Together with Acribia, you will be able to deal with computer attacks and prevent intrusions. We will investigate the incidents and raise the overall level of security.
Suppose you had to face a remarkably skilled and proficient hacker.

How will you guard yourself from attacks? Will you be able to detect a network intrusion? What steps will you take to prevent an intrusion and minimize the harm it has caused?

Information security monitoring

With Acribia it’s as simple as ABC.
We regularly scan network infrastructure in order to identify vulnerabilities. It helps, firstly,  manage remediation activities and the vulnerabilities and, secondly, to evaluate the success of the attacks.
With the help of special sensors, we analyze security events picking them out from the network traffic. It allows us to detect attacks, intrusions, suspicious activity and incidents.
After detecting detected an incident, we immediately notify the employees and inform them what exactly should be done to minimize the impact. The choice of notification channel depends on how critical the incident is.

Clear, easy and safe

Account system for the company’s security management
Information about incidents, vulnerabilities and incoming requests is recorded in the account system, which is accessible only from the protected perimeter of the company. All communications and history on each of the entities are available in a simple and clear form. Integration with e-mail makes the system even more user-friendly. By using simple and convenient tools, you can involve relevant people in dealing with incidents, bring in administrators to eliminate vulnerabilities or promptly get clarification on any questions or issues you might have.

Numerous benefits

We offer high-quality and well-thought-out service.
Acribia has brought together a team of top-notch professionals with extensive experience in security analysis and incident investigation.
As per the SLA, incident response time does not exceed half an hour, but in practice it takes us even less.
The service is designed in such a way that no-one but you (and us) can gain access to the information regarding security of the assets to be protected.
Compliance with the requirements
Security monitoring is an essential prerequisite for compliance with such standards as ISO/IEC 27 001 and PCI DSS.
Even if an intruder is trying to disguise traces of his presence in the system, all the necessary information is in the cloud.
Consultations with regard to users' inquiries, detected incidents and vulnerabilities are provided without any limitation.
The primary purpose of the service is to provide information and tools for efficient management of the company’s information security.

In practice it means efficient management of vulnerabilities, incidents, resources, activity, security tools and many other aspects.

Transparent pricing

The cost of our services directly depends on the amount of analyzed data.
for websites and services
₽26 550
  • billed annually
29,500 / Month (billed monthly)
  • 100 MB per day
of security events
  • 4 external IP addresses
for security analysis
  • 32 internal IP addresses
for security analysis
  • 3 users
of the account system
for medium-sized and large enterprises
₽122 130/ month
  • billed annually
or 135,700 / Month (billed monthly)
  • 2.5 GB per day
of security events
  • 64 external IP addresses
for security analysis
  • 512 internal IP addresses
for security analysis
  • 25 users
of the account system
All prices include VAT. The information on this web page is not a public offer.
If you are not fully satisfied with our services, we will refund your money.

Satisfaction guarantee

You can select the cheapest plan and evaluate the quality of the service during three months.
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Simple and effective solution

Security monitoring services help solve a lot of system problems
It's difficult to manage risks and priorities, because there's no actual information about the current level of security.
Security monitoring services solve this problem because regular security analysis and change security audit are basic activities in relation to each asset to be protected. These operations help uncover technical vulnerabilities, configuration errors, use of unsafe technologies and devices.
We don't have enough tools or qualified employees for comprehensive security monitoring, detecting incidents and investigating them.
Security monitoring services solve this problem because consolidation of security events and their analysis with the aim to detect incidents, as well as providing assistance in investigation of incidents are basic operations conducted in relation to each asset to be protected. Analysis of data collected from network sensors, system logs and network devices allows detecting network attacks, unauthorized access, malicious software, denials of service, leakage of sensitive information and other types of incidents.
Information security tools are not effective enough or not present at all due to the lack of time or employees to use them properly.
The problem can be solved by transferring information security functions to security analysts, which is optional but highly recommended. It will raise the incident detection quality and in some cases, enable you to prevent cyber attacks from succeeding or mitigate the impacts when they occur. Finally, it will minimize the number of false alerts and, where possible, optimize workload.
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