Protection adequate to the degree of risk
We’ll simulate all information security breach scenarios and create a security system which will effectively protect you from any relevant threats.
You need adequate protection for each threat. If you don’t stick to the principle "necessary and sufficient", you will either suffer from attacks or unreasonably spend your money.

The best result is achieved only with the use of security technologies.

How we create secure systems

First of all, it’s the right process, reliable methods and time-tested tools.
Identification of assets to be protected
You should clearly understand which assets need protection, and how they are classified. There are
industry-specific standards and certain security requirements for different types of confidential and sensitive information.
Security system design
First, the security system is drawn on paper. It allows selecting those solutions that will best meet your needs.
Experimental area
Before the implementation of a security solution, sometimes it makes sense to test some solutions in order to make the final choice.
Security system development
In the vast majority of cases we have to work with systems that are being actively exploited. Our task at the implementation stage is to prevent the security system from slowing down your business.
Trial, pilot and commercial operation
Service provider should gradually reduce its participation in the exploitation of the security system. Active participation at the trial stage should be gradually replaced by support at later stages.
Key questions about security
Your choice of information security system depends on the answers to the following questions.
Who are you protecting yourself from?
Relevance of threats depends on the attacker’s model. For example, it is easier to protect yourself from outside attackers, while it is almost impossible to protect yourself from a network administrator.
What are you protecting yourself from?
Which threats should you protect yourself from? Is confidentiality important? Or is it sufficient just to maintain accessibility? Should you consider technological hazards? What if a user has malicious intentions?
How to protect yourself?
A few ways of protection can be offered for a certain number of threats. Conventional measures or overlaid protection? Certified solutions or the most effective solutions in their category?

Manage your security level

It is important to find balance between the convenience of the system and its security level.
The higher your security level is, the less convenient it is for users and administrators to operate the system. The priority is given to solutions with centralized management and functions that are transparent for users. However, it is not always possible. You should clearly understand the advantages of implementation of any method of protection. What security function does it have? Do you need this function? Is there an alternative solution?

3 reasons why clients choose Acribia

Freedom of choice from a number of options
During the design process, we develop several alternative security solutions and compare them using a number of criteria. This gives you an opportunity to make a well-founded and informed choice.
Pre-acquisition test exploitation
The solution you are interested in is deployed in a test environment and is actively tested over a period of several weeks. A purchase decision is made only following the results of the test exploitation.
One company to deliver everything you need
Beginning from writing terms of reference and ending with the withdrawal of the system, you will not need to look for any other company. We have all the required professionals in our team. We perform the entire cycle of work and provide all related services that you might need, including even training of your employees to use the implemented solutions.

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